Thank you to Jack Cavolick - Animal Control Officer, Scott Sullivan - Highway Superintendent and Colrain Fire Department

Letter: To our cat’s rescue
Tuesday, July 22, 2014  The Greenfield Recorder

            When a much loved family pet goes missing, one often thinks the worst, but hopes for the best. In our case, the best is what we got in having Animal Control Officer Jack Cavolick and Highway Superintendent Scott Sullivan on the scene.
            After nearly 24 days missing, our beloved cat of 11 years was heard mewing; stuck in the underground drainage pipes of a heavily traveled roadway with no way out, and very little time left to live. Thanks to the caring hearts, determination and skillful strategizing of these two men, I carried my cat home in a state of euphoric shock and disbelief.
            I am painfully aware of what was in store for our Gideon had these two not chosen to get involved. I am also aware of the time, energy, patience and professionalism they both displayed seeing this through in the grueling July heat. On behalf of our entire family, heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to Jack, Scott and the Colrain Fire Department for being there to assist us. It is a privilege to be part of such a superlative community!