For Safety Sake-Please Number your Home

It is a requirement for all residents to adequately number their residence-see below Town bylaw passed in 1993

                         BUILDING (STREET) NUMBER
amended Special Town Meeting, June 28, 2004, Article 10                                     
Annual Town Meeting May 3, 1993, Article 26.
STREET NUMBERS HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO EACH DWELLING, PLACE OF BUSINESS, SHOP, industrial structure or any other structure not deemed to be accessory; therefore, a permanent, weatherproof, reflective sign three (3) inches in height must be attached to the structure or, if the building cannot easily be seen from the public way, displayed prominently on a post placed at the entrance of the driveway. If the number is displayed on a post or mailbox the number must be displayed on each side.  The number will be assigned to each structure as determined by the street numbering committee of Colrain.
Any new building requiring numbering will be assigned the number through the process of obtaining a building permit.
The building owner must display the assigned number within ninety (90) days of adoption of this bylaw and thereafter maintain the assigned number in a sightly and readable fashion.
Public Safety officials have asked that a reminder of this requirement be posted.
Thank you for your cooperation.