Colrain Broadband update #2

Colrain Broadband update #2

July 2016

The Colrain Selectmen, in accordance with Ma. General Laws Chapter 164, voted to make the Board of Selectmen the Town’s oversight Board for its’ Municipal Light Plant (MLP). The MLP was established by Town Meeting in 2011 and it is anticipated to be the vehicle to ultimately oversee the Towns broadband infrastructure and operations. The Selectmen also appointed Town Coordinator Kevin Fox as MLP manager. No compensation is associated with any of these positions. It is expected that these positions will, in all likely-hood, evolve as the broadband project proceeds.

August 2016

  • Selectmen created a new “Last-Mile Advisory Committee”. Its mission to assist and advise the Municipal Light Plant Board in its endeavor to complete the “Last Mile Build-out in order to provide high- speed internet access to all Colrain residents who wish to receive it”.

  • The Committee as established will be comprised of the following members :

  • One Selectman

  • One Fin. Comm. Member

  • The Town Treasurer

  • The Town Coordinator/MLP Manager

  • 3 at-large appointees

    The Selectmen, at the same time, put out a call, via the town web-site for volunteers.

    August 2016

    Selectmen appoint the following individuals to serve on the newly created Last-Mile Advisory Committee:

  • Paula Harrison

  • Lynn DiTullio

  • Fran Ryan

  • Eileen Sauvageau

  • Kevin Fox