Select Board Meeting

Monday, December 16, 2013, 7:00 pm
Town Office, 55 Main Road, Colrain, MA 01340
A meeting of the Select Board

Sign Warrants and Approve and Sign Meeting Minutes for
12/2/13 Vote Possible

o Pat Smith FRCOG Regional Sheltering Agreement
o Gary Ponce Colrain Ambulance
o Nick Anzuoni Fire Chief Fire Truck Bid Vote Possible
o Jason Ference (BOH)/Shawn Kimberley (Building Inspector) Update on 1 Greenfield Road.
New Business:

o 2014 License Renewals Votes Possible
o MMA Annual Business Meeting Credential Vote Form Vote Possible
o CCS Lease Vote Possible
Old Business:

o None

Select Board Minutes 2013-12-16 (2018-09-24 at 11:27 AM)