Colrain Energy Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 17, 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm
via Zoom, Meeting ID 579 209 5332 Code 9dZ9SK
A meeting of the Energy Committee

Colrain Energy Committee Agenda
Thursday August 17 @ 5:30 PM
(as of August 14, 2023 )
Via ZOOM, meeting ID 579 209 5332, code 9dZ9SK

Call to Order: 5:30 Old Business:
[5:30] Approval of Past Minutes
[5:35] Update on work to insulate the garage wall; On hold [5:45] New
Members: Discussion of any prospects
[5:50] GC Energy Reduction Plan options, discussion with Chris Mason,
Green Communities Western Mass representative.
New Business:
[6:00] UMass CEExtension, Solar Planning Committee; Update by
Marybeth C.
[6:10]Fire Dept. Project Narrative for mini-split replacement. DOER
[6:20] New Ideas for Town energy savings; School air sealing.
[6:25] Mohawk H. S. - Solar Installation?

***Other items not anticipated by the Chair within this 48 hour posting
requirement, may be added as needed. ***
Adjourn: 6:30
Posted by: Peter Brooks

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