Energy Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 16, 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm
Zoom - Meeting Meeting ID: 879 5552 9761, code 900245
A meeting of the Energy Committee

Colrain Energy Committee Agenda
Thursday May 16 at 5:30

Via Zoom; Meeting Meeting ID: 879 5552 9761, code 900245
Call to Order: 5:30
Old Business:

[5:30] Approval of Past Minutes;
[5:32] Garage wall insulation: Town bidding on hold.
[5:33] GC Energy Reduction Plan options, School air sealing,
[5:35]Fire Dept. -Insulation Upgrade; Project Narrative to be upgraded.
CET is revising.

New Business:
[5:40] School air sealing-. Thursday 4/18/24 CET and MassSave on site
audit , review options.
[6:50] Solar Action Plan, presentation follow up.
[6:00]Energy Fair; Buckland Shelburn Elementary School summery.
[6:05]Solarize Colrain; possibly work with Ashfield, maybe Shellburne?
[6:15]Colrain Woodbank, Select Board meeting results
[6:20] UMass Meeting via zoom with Dwayne Breger and River Strong;
Discuss opportunities.

***Other items not anticipated by the Chair within this 48 hour posting
requirement, may be @added as needed.
Adjourn: 6:30