Agricultural Commission

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7 of 10 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Valerie Finkel, Member. June, 2022.
  • Brian Sullivan, Member. June, 2024.
  • Jill Horton-Lyons, Member. June, 2024.
  • Joseph Hillman, Member. June, 2024.
  • Lorena Loubsky, Member. June, 2024.
  • Lori Shearer, Member. June, 2024.
  • Scott Roberts, Member. June, 2024.

Commission Mission statement

"Farms have been an important part of Colrain’s history for almost 300 years. Before WWI Colrain was the number one apple producer in the state. We also have a rich history of raising sheep for wool, maple sugaring, beekeeping, and dairy farming. 

The Colrain Agricultural Commission (AgCom) is an appointed town standing committee whose members represent the farming community and are primarily responsible for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture; promoting agricultural-based economic opportunities; and preserving, revitalizing, and sustaining the communities’ agricultural businesses and lands."


2017 Survey Results

With help from FRCOG, the Agricultural Commissions of Colrain, Heath and Charlemont completed a tri-town survey to better understand local food needs for consumers and growers in each of the three towns. Working jointly on this initiative will hopefully afford access to grants and provide more regional options that might not be otherwise available to any one town. Please find a copy of the final results of this survey on this webpage.

Note that the deadline for completion of the survey was extended to March 2017. There was a 17% response rate in Colrain (over 250 respondents). A drawing from interested survey respondents from all three towns was held and a $100 basket of locally produced food products was awarded to a local resident, Erich Holan of Heath.

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Latest News
The FRCOG is very excited to share that we received funding to expand our pollinator habitat-planning work to include Colrain.
The Town of Colrain is seeking a full-time Equipment Operator /Laborer for its Highway Department see below.
The Finance Committee met on May 22, 2023 and voted their recommendations on each article appearing on the FY 24 ATM Warrant
On May 30th, a new food and paper waste compost program will begin at the Colrain Transfer Station on Charlemont Rd.